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Global Retirement Partners

Global Retirement Partners is committed to becoming a leading retirement plan consulting firm offering a complete suite of services to both plan sponsors and investors. This approach is built on an incredibly strong partnership between the Global Retirement Partners’ leadership team and the retirement advisors. Global Retirement Partners CEO, William Chetney, is an innovative thinker in the retirement planning industry — understanding the power of an open-architecture and value of a retirement planning advisor — and is dedicated to positioning Global Retirement Partners to become an innovator in participant advice. Bill’s leadership team is rounded out with industry veterans with years of industry experience and innovative technology/program development.

Global Retirement Partners is committed to driving the retirement plan industry forward, providing specialized resources for retirement advisors, and helping to educate plan participants on their options and making informed decisions for their futures. Global Retirement Partners is bringing together experienced retirement plan advisors from across the country to help plan sponsors manage their obligations and provide broad-based benefits while helping individual investors work toward their dreams. GRP’s goal is to service both plan sponsors and individual investors with honest, professional, and informed advice.

Global Retirement Partners provides retirement plan consulting rooted in unbiased advice, a deep understanding of current regulatory environment, and a thorough understanding of each plan sponsor’s and participant’s needs. Global Retirement Partners employs comprehensive retirement planning technology and analytics to address client needs. A day in and day out commitment to plan sponsors, retirement planning, advisors, plan participants, and innovation drives Global Retirement Partners.