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Why Work with Us

Working with HUB/Baystate Fiduciary Advisors means that plan sponsors and corporations can often simplify complex ERISA obligations and plan for the well-being of their company and participants. Some benefits of working with us include:

An Ethical Service Model

At HUB/Baystate Fiduciary Advisors, we treat all of our clients equally. Whether you are considered a small, medium, or large plan, we provide the same level of pricing, service, and professional guidance.

Our mission is to serve.

By adhering to a rigorous, repeatable and prudent service model, we can treat each and every client with the attention they deserve without charging more to plans simply due to the size of their plan assets and/or employee base.

Focus on ROI

Reducing employees to a spreadsheet may feel impersonal and further assessing wages and health care for an aging workforce seems downright discriminatory, but in reality this practice enables us to personalize our outreach and make an impact upon our clients in a more cost- effective and result oriented manner.

High Impact Firm with Low Impact Costs

Our firm is extremely efficient in the ways we conduct business, meaning that we can keep our overhead costs as low as possible. We pass these savings to our clients every day by providing a high level of customer service at our lowest possible cost.

We believe that investment fiduciary and consulting services have become commoditized over the years and that there are quality firms who truly specialize in serving the ERISA plan marketplace.

Our role is simply to displace those advisors who, when benchmarked against our service model, may be charging more and delivering less, or we may simply represent a new partnership to a plan sponsor where an advisory firm may not be present.

Breaking the Mold

We believe that we are the vanguard of investment fiduciary and advisory firms. We seek to deliver reasonable service and results for a lower cost when compared to our competitors due to controlled overhead and efficiencies.